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Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Didn't Get a Finalist in the Lisa Nova Contest But I Still LOVE LISA NOVA!

I Love Lisa Nova she is one of my favorite Youtube Celebs who Inspired me To Start Doing Youtube Videos 2 Years Ago. She is My Favorite Person to Watch on Youtube and Meeting Her Finally at Youtube Live was the Best Part of the Whole Experience. It's Like Meeting Johnny Depp or Tim Burton for me. Someone who inspires you so much and is even sweeter and more beautiful in person when you finally meet them, talk to them, hug them, and tell them how much they inspired you it's so surreal. Lisa's Contest was something I was very excited for not only would it show my talent to her fans but help with recent money troubles I had. However the contest was just something I was excited for cuz Lisa would see my videos and it pushed me to make my videos even better than usual. I didn't make the finals but I know if I was Lisa it be hard to choose from the 2,000 videos submitted. The fact she, Danny, Ben, and everyone took time to watch those videos and comment on them I was really honored and the fact they are giving away over $3000 in money and Prizes and helping the community is why I love Youtube and reminds me is the reason I do the fan of the week videos. It's about helping people. Using your fame and good name to bring attention to people and causes that need it and Lisa Nova is my Hero for it.

Lisa If You Are Reading this I LOVE YOU with all My Heart and Deeply Appreciative of Your Inspiration, Hard Work, Talent, and Kindness to Me and The Youtube Community.


Love Your Friend, Fan, and Admirer,

Sean Long

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