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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Which Side Of The Coin Are You On?


I want to save the world
I want to watch it burn
I believe the world is worth saving
I believe people will eat each other alive
I see the good in people's hearts
I see their hearts are pure evil
I am beautiful and hopeful
I am ugly and hateful
I want justice to rein in all mankind
The only justice is revenge and chance
I Believe that we can all make a difference
I Believe There Is No Difference To Make
I See That We All Want To Change For The Better
I See That The Selfish Want Nothing For Anyone But the Worst
I Am Inspired and Ready To Help Everyone
I Am Ignorant And Ready To Kill Everyone
I Want To Give The World A Hug
I Want To Give It a Bullet
I Cry In The Blaze of Intolerance I Will Help Stop
I Laugh In The Blaze Of Destruction I Will Create
The Dawn Is Coming
But It's Darkest Before The Dawn
I believe we all live and die a hero
I believe we all live long enough to see ourselves become the villain
I Am Knowledge
I Am Ignorance
I Am Love
I Am Hate
I Am Hope
I Am Despair
I Am Good
I Am Evil
There are Two Sides
To Every Story 
There are Two Sides
To Every Choice
There are Two Side
Which Side Do You Choose?
The Choice Is Yours 

This Was Inspired By The Dark Knight and Two-Face and his Slip Personality which is what we are are TWO SIDES of a Coin...

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